Infant & Toddler programs

Early Learning Programs

Our Early Learning Programs for both infants and toddlers offer your child the absolute best of care in their early formative years.


From areas for napping and quiet time to centers designed to encourage an infant’s developmental skills; we pride ourselves in catering to the needs of the child. We use an active learning program focusing on listening, talking, physical development and creativity. Our Infant Room integrates itself with the Toddler Room to keep the children challenged and to better transition the infants, as they become toddlers themselves.


Our Toddler Room offers a large interactive area that allows your young ones to find more things to explore and learn with. The staff works with the children and their parents in potty training to help them become more self-sufficient. Organized activities and curriculum helps pave the way for a more fully developed child while certain preschool activities are integrated into the class. 

The Toddler Program focuses on helping your child prepare for the “preschool world”. The children in the Toddler Program benefit from daily gymnastics time. In the gym, the Toddlers begin to experience how their bodies can move in a safe and exciting environment. 
We also offer music instruction in the Toddler curriculum.

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