recreational gymnastics

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Recreational gymnastics offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn gymnastics from any starting level.
Whether your child is a beginner and just getting started or is ready to take a step forward and continue learning advanced movements, we have a class for them!


Preschool Gymnastics begins with our Parent-Tot classes where parents guide their toddlers through obstacle courses and activities designed to stimulate physical awareness. Preschoolers progress into independent classes to learn basic beginner gymnastics by age 6.

Girl's Gymnastics

Girls Gymnastics begins at age 6 in our beginner classes. Students learn the fundamental skills of gymnastics and will develop the strength and flexibility to succeed in all sports. Young gymnasts with the talent and desire to pursue gymnastics competitively can gain the skills to join one of our competitive Team Training groups in our program.

Boy's Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics is separate from the girls program, and begins to differentiate in our beginning boys classes. This program develops strength and physical awareness which helps our boys succeed in all sports. As the boys progress through this program they will gain the required skills to eventually join our Boys Competitive team if desired.

Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline & Tumbling is one of the first focused classes that we offer to new or beginner gymnasts. Boys & Girls are introduced to trampoline & tumbling routines, and are shown various skills and techniques for working on these routines.


Ninja is our program that puts a fun spin on gymnastics. In Ninja, our gymnasts will cover obstacle courses, climbing and experience all around fun ways to learn how to be resourceful in any environment.

Open gym

Open gym allows for students of all ages a chance to practice and participate in the gym with a bit more freedom than our structured programs. However, coaches are still nearby to ensure safety and help as needed.

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