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Recreational gymnastics offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn gymnastics from any starting level.
Whether your child is a beginner and just getting started or is ready to take a step forward and continue learning advanced movements, we have a class for them!

Preschool Gymnastics

Our Preschool Gymnastics program nurtures physical awareness and foundational skills in young children. Parent-Tot classes encourage parent-child bonding through stimulating activities. Independent classes for ages 3-6 focus on basic gymnastics techniques, promoting balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Join us to witness your preschoolers thrive in a safe and supportive environment, fostering confidence and creating a genuine love for movement.

Girl's Gymnastics

At Denali Gymnastics, our Girls Gymnastics program begins at age 6 in our beginner classes. Students learn the fundamental skills of gymnastics and will develop the strength and flexibility to succeed in all sports. Young gymnasts with the talent and desire to pursue gymnastics competitively can gain the skills to join one of our competitive Team Training groups in our program.

Boy's Gymnastics

At Denali Gymnastics, we offer a separate Boys Gymnastics program that diverges from the girls’ program, starting with our beginning boy’s classes. This program is designed to cultivate strength, physical awareness, and athleticism, providing a solid foundation for success in various sports. As boys progress through the program, they will acquire the necessary skills to potentially join our Boys Competitive team if they choose to pursue competitive gymnastics.

Trampoline and Tumbling

Our Trampoline & Tumbling class is an excellent starting point for new or beginner gymnasts. In this class, both boys and girls are introduced to trampoline and tumbling routines, where they learn a variety of skills and techniques to enhance their performance. Join us to explore the exciting world of trampoline and tumbling and lay the groundwork for a successful gymnastics journey.


Experience the exhilarating fusion of gymnastics and adventure in our Ninja program. Designed to put a fun spin on traditional gymnastics, Ninja takes our gymnasts on an exciting journey through obstacle courses, climbing challenges, and other thrilling activities. In this program, participants will learn to be resourceful in any environment, developing problem-solving skills, agility, and resilience.

Open gym

Open Gym provides a more flexible and less structured setting, allowing participants to explore and refine their skills with greater freedom. While enjoying this relaxed atmosphere, our dedicated coaches remain close by, prioritizing safety and readily offering assistance whenever needed!

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